TOZ Times – February 2021

What a short (but sweet) month we had. February brought us Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, some incredibly chilly days, and finished off with the 57th Yukon Rendezvous! We also celebrated the birthdays of the ladies of Riverside who share the amethyst birthstone: Aimee and Rachel.

Aimee presents this THROWBACK photo from Rendezvous 2020

Joke of the month

Riverside has been so lucky to share in Trevor’s passion for music, and musical instruments these last few months. Here is a list of Trevor’s prized music makers, most of which he brings tirelessly back and forth to TOZ to share with his friends

  • 3 Ukuleles
  • 2 Guitars
  • 2 Harmonicas
  • A thumb piano
  • A black Keytar
  • An air guitar t-shirt
  • And an electric drum ghettoblaster

Pet of the Month

Meet Jack! Christian and Jack, on a fall walk.

Hayley Halushka Snowmobiling Special

I love snowmobiling. It’s lots of fun. I like going on the smooth road but not too bumpy.  I can feel lots of air on my face when I go fast with Mom on the snowmobile. I remember the first time going skidooing with my brother, I didn’t hold on to him tight he was very young. Skidooing is lots of fun in the winter time and I will always want to go with people. That is my story about skidooing.

Feature Recipe of the Month: Submitted by Britt

Britt had this in her lunch recently – wow did it smell fantastic!

In Loving Memory of Taylor’s Grandpa
Howard Elmer Adundson
December 27, 1950 – August 2, 2021
Forever in her heart

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